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Sharing videos…

Well, you might think I will share videos related with xmas, but no. I wanna share a performance video of SG Wannabe on last Nov 13 2010. They sung Sunflower, and Not A True Goodbye + Timeless medley.

This version of Sunflower is better than their comeback stage for me. And Not A True Goodbye is good. I like Seokhoon’s “good bye good bye” part. kekeke. And Timeless is timeless. Totally LOVE this version! :)


Oh and I found this one accidentally on the related videos list of SG Wannabe Seoul Winter Concert.

MNet Countdown Heroes –> 2AM Lee Changmin, SG Wannabe Kim Jinho, 8Eight Lee Hyun and K.Will (or as you know Big Bang Daesung’s brother) singing Big Mama’s Break Away. Go watch!

What a great performance. Four different type of vocals and incredibly smooth as one. They’re talented, nuff said. And I’m a lil bit disappointed because Jinho didn’t scream. -_-


Well, actually there’s no particular reason I post this entry, since my dad took my CPU about a week ago to upgrade its memory and haven’t give it back to me until now.. hiks

So, this is the last video I wanna share. JYP Nation Official Christmas card (?) video~ Enjoy!!


Hope you guys enjoy these videos as much as I do!


Much Love,



p.s: Minjae-ssi probably the most popular manager in kpop world now. kekeke just saying.


College Saga!

My brother showed me these ridiculous video. Funny. And Brilliant! I wonder how they edit these “RPG” video. LOL

It’s only 4 episodes. I’m too lazy to search it on youtube, so I’ll just give you the link to Indowebster which is where I watched it. Oh btw,  you can download it as well. For Indonesian, you have to be happy, it’s Indonesia’s server! Yeay! XD

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Watch it! And you’ll know why I post this! LOL. This is super daebak!! XDD (Although I kinda dislike the fourth episode. But overall, the theme is unique and this is super DAEBAK!! GO WATCH IT NOW!!!)

Much Love,


p.s: CollegeHumor should make another College Saga! Would be daebak too! XD

I Have Nothing…

This morning, SharingYoochun, one of the best source of DBSK, posted a video of JYJ Thanksgiving concert at Tokyo Dome. For those who doesn’t know who is JYJ.. JYJ stands for Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. They’re singer. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are member of DBSK. I will explain it later.

Ok back to the topic, on that concert, JYJ sung Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. And since the uploader doesn’t allow to embed video, so please see the video here. There’s link to download the mp3. Thank you so much for 3plus2only5 user on youtube. Well btw, I can’t guarantee if it still available to watch because Avex Entertainment (the production house that held the concert) would ban it soon. And if it’d been banned, you would see this:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Avex Entertainment, Inc..

Well, good luck then. kekeke.

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