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Sharing videos…

Well, you might think I will share videos related with xmas, but no. I wanna share a performance video of SG Wannabe on last Nov 13 2010. They sung Sunflower, and Not A True Goodbye + Timeless medley.

This version of Sunflower is better than their comeback stage for me. And Not A True Goodbye is good. I like Seokhoon’s “good bye good bye” part. kekeke. And Timeless is timeless. Totally LOVE this version! :)


Oh and I found this one accidentally on the related videos list of SG Wannabe Seoul Winter Concert.

MNet Countdown Heroes –> 2AM Lee Changmin, SG Wannabe Kim Jinho, 8Eight Lee Hyun and K.Will (or as you know Big Bang Daesung’s brother) singing Big Mama’s Break Away. Go watch!

What a great performance. Four different type of vocals and incredibly smooth as one. They’re talented, nuff said. And I’m a lil bit disappointed because Jinho didn’t scream. -_-


Well, actually there’s no particular reason I post this entry, since my dad took my CPU about a week ago to upgrade its memory and haven’t give it back to me until now.. hiks

So, this is the last video I wanna share. JYP Nation Official Christmas card (?) video~ Enjoy!!


Hope you guys enjoy these videos as much as I do!


Much Love,



p.s: Minjae-ssi probably the most popular manager in kpop world now. kekeke just saying.


Tik Tok! It’s Run Devil Run!

Daebak is daebak!

Just a moment ago, I was blogwalking and listen to Ke$ha – Run Devil Run (in english version ofcourse). W O W. And I just knew that SNSD Jessica Jung and f(x) Krystal Jung or what we called as Jung Sisters, is singing Ke$ha’s Tik Tok on SM Town 2010 Live Concert. So maybe, to make a good relationship *slapped* Ke$ha reply it with singing SNSD’s song (no wonder, f(x) has Amber to rap, and Ke$ha? She can try, but.. she already choose RDR)

This is good. Ke$ha is daebak! Jung Sisters is daebak! They are super duper daebaaak!! XDD


This is Ke$sha – Run Devil Run:

credit: KeshaReleases

Explanation from alexiel1987 on youtube comment:

SMent didn’t buy it from Kesha, it was never hers, SMent bought it from the song producers. Kesha was allowed to sing it because they wanted toknow what it sounded like in her voice. This is why it’s not on any of Kesha’s releases, it was leaked illegally to the internet :)


And this is Jung Sisters – Tik Tok:

credit: Conclusively. Fancam credit to: Woorissica

Oh btw, Jess’s waist is daebak too! kekeke

Much Love,

[EDITED] Just wondering…

Hey guys! I want to make a little poll.. Please join if you want to! ;D

Thanks! :D



Well, I closed the poll since there’s nothing to wait for the result. kekeke.

It’s quite amazing actually.



Copeland – 2AM got 6 votes! (Confession: I voted twice for this)

Linkin Park – Dong Bang Shin Ki got 3 votes!

Panic! At The Disco – Super Junior got 1 votes!

Total votes: 10.



Thank you guys for voting~ XDD I kinda shocked because I think it’s only me who know this poll. kekeke. Once again, thank you~ :)

WOW. Who voted for P!ATD x SUJU?? Is this for real guys? You really want them to feat? hahaha can’t imagine Brendon face if he ever meet Heechul in real life. Could he mistaken Heechul as a girl and fall in love at the first sight? hahaha just kidding :p *bricked by petalz*

Btw, the winner is…..COPELAND & 2AM~ YEAH~

You guys really want to hear Jo Kwon, Seulong, Jinwoon, Changmin and Aaron singing together, huh? Yeah me too since I voted twice.

Ok, let’s give applause for Copeland and 2AM~ XDD *clapclapclap*



Copeland band