This is Happu

Call me Happu or Haphap or Haps. I love Project Pop, Panic! At The Disco, and KPOP. I do not eat pork, I spazz a lot, I am not good at arranging words, I do not count my age by years, I have many dreams, I love (and spend most of my money to buy) books and comics, I want to have manyy friends, fashion obviously avoids me, and one thing for sure, I was DiGoreng Garing!

It’s mid 2013 now. I wrote that previous paragraph on early 2009. It’s nearly four years ago. Those are still true, though now I had to admit that no matter how strong fashion avoids me, I still want to embrace it.

Here I am. Still struggling and questioning. Because moonlighting aside, I am basically an operatic skeleton doing a fancy pirouettes to the words war symphonies.

Much Love,