Assignment: I’m Not Thumbelina

Hello! This is my first english essay assignment. I will only post my first and my last essay assignment here. My other essay would be posted on my official assignment blog which being made because it was part of the assignment. Sigh.

Critics or comments are highly welcome since I’m still a beginner writer. Please enjoy and bear with me, folks! Thanks for reading! :)


I’m Not Thumbelina

If one day I woke up and found out that my body has shrunk to a thumb size, the first thing I would probably do is screaming out loud and then freaking out. But I would eventually calm down because reality would slap me hard on the head to remind me: my life would be a huge challenging adventure!

After the screaming and freaking out moment, the first thought which immersed in my mind would be a wishful thinking of how perfect my life could be if I am married to a fairy prince like Thumbelina did in the story book. But, no, it would not happen. Reality would definitely hit my head again if I kept drooling over that hopeless imagination, because my life is certainly not a fairy tale, or a movie. It is also clearly not a cheap fantasy serial drama on television. In this world -my world- there is no such thing like fairy or fairy prince. Let alone the wonderful journey of riding on a bird or a squirrel to explore the big city. They would probably prefer to prey on me, instead.

I am a college student, so in the morning, even though a rubber eraser would be slightly bigger than I would, I would still have to take a bath and go to the campus. As I think about it, my newly decreased body would fit the qualification to be classified as one size as the food chain’s lowest rank living creature. To put it simply, I would be sharing destiny with a cockroach. And by that, I mean there would be an absolute high possibility of me fell down on the slippery bathroom floor, flushed away by the running water, and ended up being eaten by a rotten. ‘Going to the bathroom’ would be more suitable to be called as a suicidal attempt. However, that would only happen if I foolishly let my tiny precious foot set on the bathroom. And there is no way I would risk my beautiful life by doing such thing. So, taking a shower is out of the question. I would be just fine even if I do not take a bath for a week or so, because nobody would smell me since I am this small. But anyway, I would just have to find another way to clean my body without putting my life on a string, right?

One of the exciting things of this new life is the enormous amount of good food that I could enjoy. My usual bento lunch would be enough to feed me for three days. Another good thing about this is I would cut short my groceries budget and then save money to buy myself a fancy electronic car toy, instead. So I could drive it around the campus and be awesome. Well, I thank God I am not a boy with perverted mind. If I were one, my condition would provide an ability to peek on girl’s skirt and run away quickly unnoticed. I thank God once again that there is no thumb sized boy at my neighborhood. More exciting thing is that if I succeed managing my money wisely, and I definitely would, buying an aeromodelling helicopter wouldn’t be just a dream. I would fly around the town and spend hours enjoying the amazing view from above. I would put a prank on my friends by throwing peanuts on them. When I am bored, I would start a race with the birds. Things would be more fun when I stalk the boy I have crush on all day. With all kind of fun things, one thing I would have to worry about is only when the battery is drained.

The complicated part of being this little is that I would have to slide down or climb up the furniture in my house if I wanted to go anywhere. I am not a big fan of outdoor exercises like these, because age-wise, I would be ended up very tired. However, I assume I would have a well-built and healthy body after doing those things constantly. And if I trained myself hard enough, I would shape my body and be as sexy and slender as Angelina Jolie. Well, that would be a very appropriate aim for me to keep on living this productive life, and a very great reason for me to secretly start on pretending I am a superhero in training.

Well, as I would experience living like Thumbelina in both exhausting and exciting ways, I would say that the best way to end a long tiring day is to soak my sore body in a bowl of warm chocolate milk. Wouldn’t you think so,

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