Just another update

To begin with, I’d like to announce that I’ll be using english instead of bahasa here just to test my ability and simply for the sake of my ego.

A dear friend of mine, Uthi, has been posting entry on tumblr about her new friends at TPB. She stated that she will post all of TPB bio until TPB time is over. Sounds like a challenge, eh? For me, yes, it is a challenge. The challenge itself is not about bragging how many friends I have, but simply about challenging my confidence on a bit of everything or as you may read: making friends. It is true that since about a year ago (yes, I am now completely AWARE of this) I constantly, for some unreasonable excuses, keep the so-called good mature image in front of people. Thus, I create space almost automatically and unconsciously with people by not letting many people see my vulnerable side while I actually want to be free.

Knowing people from their root with completely nothing in mind for a start is something I want to do and achieve. You may see I am lacking of basa-basi ability which for a human, not to mention Indonesian, is something that everyone mastered. No assumption. No prediction. No judgment. No expectation.

The spontaneous me has been hidden for awhile. Therefore writing about my own friends might help me maintain my confidence of being me.

How confusing yet pathetic blog post it is!

Come to think about it, I actually just want to write things spontaneously. That’s the only reason I could think of right now.

See you soon!


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