Have fun go…?

Hi there!

I don’t know what I’m going to tell you about now.. hmm let’s just try free writing, shall we?

Ever ask yourself this: “do you feel guilty by killing many mosquitoes?” I did ask myself and I’m not really feel guilty about it. No. I don’t feel guilty. For me, guilt is not a feeling. It’s an illusion. Illusion to trap oneself in a low mood.

So what is “sorry”? It’s like a justification that oneself who says sorry is wrong. You can feel satisfy after someone said you are forgiven, can’t you? Why are you feeling sorry? Sorry is a feeling? What are you sorry for? The point is I can’t understand english words. Hahahaha.

I wonder about all the ‘what if’ I have, people have, people hope, people want. I’m listening to Ipang’s Sahabat Kecil now and remembering about my good old days on high school. Some people may say that my high school life is quite bitter, for such things can only be measured by myself, and I definitely say it was splendid. haha. What I did yesterday lead me here. Everything is the reason why I’m here now. Even all of my depressed (read: alay dan galau) blog posts also build who I am now.

Shifting. Step to the left. Look. Choose. Vote. And step to the left again. Repeat.

It is seriously funny to read all of my rant here in my blog.. hihihi

Ah… What do I know? What do I know about the past? What do I know about the future? I don’t want to predict, I don’t want to assume.. I want to let it flow. But I’m not going to let myself be flown away.

Sweet memories… Sweet days…

Luminosa: The Magnificent Colors by TPB FSRD ITB 2012.

“TPB FSRD 2012 siap mempersembahkan warna warna memesona
The magnificent colors!
Saturday at PlaWid
Come see us! Come see us!
Come join us! Come join us!
Uh-huh~ Uh-huh~
Oh yeaaah~ Oh yeaaah~”

Funny to realize that all the grudges I had from that days become too good to be called as grudges. “Ah, I can’t finish this. I can’t finish that. I can’t think clearly right now. I can’t do this. I can’t do that” that’s bullshit. By all the things I’ve learnt from this event, all those “can’t” disappeared. After this, there goes “I want this.. I want that. I want to do this. I want to try that. I want. I want.”

Funny to remember all the blunder. Funny to remember all the foolishness. Funny to recall all the foolish, absurd, whatever you called it, conversations. Funny to recall allllllll the things we did together as TPB FSRD ITB 2012. Funny to recall all the things seniors taught me and I’m too fool to understand that day. Funny to feel that everything is funny now.

By the way I see it, everything is fun. I’d say thank you verrrrrrry muccccccch for alllll the fun. Happy! Happy! Happy! *put my happy face here*

This is just a beginning to our journey, guys and gals. Let’s cherish the memories and build more fun future togethaaaa~ *a la Voldy and Harry Potty falling together’s style* hihihi xD

Anyway, still. Funny to think that there’s someone whom I thought knew my advanced course contract. Funny to remember all the funny moments. Funny to always questioning why all those boys have better hair than me. Funny to make fun of myself. Funny to have a crush on someone’s hair. Only the hair. hahahaha. (sumfeh kenapa rambutnya bagus banget sih argh) Funny to type all this in English rather than bahasa. Funny to write my feeling this way. Oh, funny to remember that the right word is “memesona”, not “mempesona” but I yelled “mempesona” aaall the way when arak-arakan. Well..

Have the most fun of yourself!


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