HOLA Mr. Capsule!

si jago




This is my very first comicstrip.. And this is how Mr. Capsule was born.

Mr. Capsule was just a capsule that nobody want to eat. And then, years by years, he turned to be a MR. CAPSULE.

And then he ran out from the medicine lab. “To find a better place where people appreciate me” he said.

Do you know what happen next? Well, I will tell you what happen with him in the next comicstrip. kekeke :)


Mr. Capsule

Name: Mr. Capsule

Gender: Male

Physical traits:

-Red in the right side, and white in the other hand.

-There is a “C” word inside an upside down triangle shape in his chest. It’s actually just a reminder his pharmacist wrote. And btw, it is a sticker. Mr. Capsule can easily take it out. He is (actually) a vitamin capsule. and he contains C vitamin and lil bit ‘jamu’

-His body is like a mochi and very flexible. He could easily change his body to another shape if he want to.

Personality: unknown since his journey just begun seconds ago.



The story behind this…

I want to actualize my imagination and there are so many comicstrip blogger that I followed since last year.

Why Capsule?

Well, to be honest, I can’t eat medicine. I have to crush it into powder and then I’ll swallow it straight away although it is TOTALLY bitter. Or basically I just bite the medicine inside my mouth and swallow it. And I absolutely can’t eat capsule. I hate it actually. =_=


But one friend once said to me that if I want to start something new, I should start with what closest to myself. In this context, I want to create an original character by myself, and I choose Capsule as my first try. :)


I’ve been developing Mr. Capsule image since I was still a second grader in senior high school. There are so many scribbles of Mr. Capsule and Ms. Tablet (COMING SOON!)  in my notebook. And finally I’ve got the chance to publish it through my own blog now. :)


I hope you like it as much as I do.

Sorry for the bad drawing. it wasn’t my best shot anyway since I was using Paint. I haven’t got CorelDraw app and the scanner is on my brother’s room and I’m too lazy to go to his room and scan all of my work. So please enjoy the strip and I’ll do my best to update the strip. :D


Much Love,



p.s: I’m sorry for all foreign readers (if there’s any keke), “obat” in the strip means medicine in english.


2 responses to “HOLA Mr. Capsule!

  1. muahhahhha~
    I like it if my friend try something new, and this is a nice start <3 (b'cause I think u will make the other one next time)
    "Do you what happen next?" <- should be added "know" rite? ;D hehhe
    I think u really excited in this project , so u miss one little thing.
    keep work hard~ ditunggu lanjutannya ya ;D
    sorry for my engrish ;P


    • thankiessss for commenting~ xD

      and thank you for the correction.. I’m overly excited that time. kekeke :3

      And of course I’ll do my best for the next strip! :D
      Thanks for your support! It means a lot for me!

      Hwaiting~ :D
      Much Love,

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