Happu new year~!

First thing first! Selamat tahun baru 2011~ Happu eh Happy new year 2011~

I know it’s kinda late cause it’s already January 10th but who cares? It’s already 2011 anyway and my point is greeting 2011 with smile and happiness~ kekeke


My new year eve. Once again, I spend the night with the girls again.. Like I did on 2010 new year eve or as you can read here. (I was still writing in Bahasa, obviously).

And the girls are Widz, Puu, Asuri and Diasso. Cinos want to join us too as well but she is busy working on her party for January 1st. :)

Beda nya PJ’s Party taun ini  sama taun kemaren adalah ngga ada kasarah dan ngga nonton dvd konser. Dan taun ini, there was lot more fireworks near us. lol.

Oh kalo taun kemaren kita rame2 dikejutkan dgn NG dan potongan2 scene laknat DoE itu. -_- Kali ini kita dikejutkan dgn Yoochun menang best newcomer dll dll di KBS Drama Award. Dan pertama kali nya JYJ tampil nyanyi live di tipi lagi. Nyanyi Chajjata. Kejutan yg menyenangkan btw. :)

And btw, have you guys watch DBSK’s Keep Your Head Down? I have and it was amazing. :D Changmin’s a lil bit look like a ballerina in my eyes. Sorry I dunno how to say male ballerina. If you do, tell me. ;)

Oh oh, and lets play imaginary game! What if your idol is not an artist? What will they do for life?

Let me start…

DBSK Changmin would be a gorgeous male ballerina. 2AM Changmin would be an incredibly chef. 2AM Jo Kwon would be half time clown, half time college student. DBSK Jaejoong would be a great violist. DBSK Yunho would be a choreographer. SUJU Siwon would be (possibly) a volunteer for LSM. SUJU Heechul would be a designer. SHINee Onew would work at office. SHINee Taemin & Minho would be a plain college student. Hmmmmm and I want 2PM Taecyeon would be my personal assistant for everything. lol. jk.


What do you say? Any idea what will your idol do if they ain’t an artist like now? Just for fun btw. Drop a comment if you want~ :)


Much Love,



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