Sharing videos…

Well, you might think I will share videos related with xmas, but no. I wanna share a performance video of SG Wannabe on last Nov 13 2010. They sung Sunflower, and Not A True Goodbye + Timeless medley.

This version of Sunflower is better than their comeback stage for me. And Not A True Goodbye is good. I like Seokhoon’s “good bye good bye” part. kekeke. And Timeless is timeless. Totally LOVE this version! :)


Oh and I found this one accidentally on the related videos list of SG Wannabe Seoul Winter Concert.

MNet Countdown Heroes –> 2AM Lee Changmin, SG Wannabe Kim Jinho, 8Eight Lee Hyun and K.Will (or as you know Big Bang Daesung’s brother) singing Big Mama’s Break Away. Go watch!

What a great performance. Four different type of vocals and incredibly smooth as one. They’re talented, nuff said. And I’m a lil bit disappointed because Jinho didn’t scream. -_-


Well, actually there’s no particular reason I post this entry, since my dad took my CPU about a week ago to upgrade its memory and haven’t give it back to me until now.. hiks

So, this is the last video I wanna share. JYP Nation Official Christmas card (?) video~ Enjoy!!


Hope you guys enjoy these videos as much as I do!


Much Love,



p.s: Minjae-ssi probably the most popular manager in kpop world now. kekeke just saying.


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