Tik Tok! It’s Run Devil Run!

Daebak is daebak!

Just a moment ago, I was blogwalking and listen to Ke$ha – Run Devil Run (in english version ofcourse). W O W. And I just knew that SNSD Jessica Jung and f(x) Krystal Jung or what we called as Jung Sisters, is singing Ke$ha’s Tik Tok on SM Town 2010 Live Concert. So maybe, to make a good relationship *slapped* Ke$ha reply it with singing SNSD’s song (no wonder, f(x) has Amber to rap, and Ke$ha? She can try, but.. she already choose RDR)

This is good. Ke$ha is daebak! Jung Sisters is daebak! They are super duper daebaaak!! XDD


This is Ke$sha – Run Devil Run:


credit: KeshaReleases

Explanation from alexiel1987 on youtube comment:

SMent didn’t buy it from Kesha, it was never hers, SMent bought it from the song producers. Kesha was allowed to sing it because they wanted toknow what it sounded like in her voice. This is why it’s not on any of Kesha’s releases, it was leaked illegally to the internet :)


And this is Jung Sisters – Tik Tok:

credit: Conclusively. Fancam credit to: Woorissica

Oh btw, Jess’s waist is daebak too! kekeke

Much Love,


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