Jeongmal mianhae means? Mianhae means?

Why there’s so many people googling “what’s jeongmal mianhae mean?” and end up to my blog? -_-a

So this, for you guys who’s wondering..

Jeongmal mianhae means “I’m really really sorry” or “Really really sorry”

Basically, “jeongmal” means “really” or “very much” and “mianhae” means “sorry”. So, jeongmal mianhae means “really sorry”

You could say jeongmal mianhaeyo, jeongmal mianhada, jeongmal mianhamnida etc. It simply based on with whom you want to apologize. If I’m not mistaken, jeongmal mianhaeyo is for older people. Well, I better ask some expert first and I’ll edit this post soon. (yeah like anybody read this. lol)

We used this if we are relly really sorry toward someone or a thing. Or maybe accidentally bumped on someone or something? but no use of jeongmal if it just for mishaps things I think.

Although I’m not a Korean, I hope this might helps you a bit (yes, a very bit). Thanks for visiting my blog! :D



“Jeongmal mianhaeyo” is for formal use. “Jeongmal mianhae” and just “mian” is informal, and I think should be used only to closest friend.

7 responses to “Jeongmal mianhae means? Mianhae means?

  1. Ah, I end up in your blog too because of jeongmal mianhae… It helped me alot. Thank you so much! Arigatou gozaimasu!

  2. im end up in your blog because jeongmal mianhae toO THANK FOR THE INFO it help me a lot :D

  3. i also end up in your blog it also help me kamsahamnida :D

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