Thank you..

#nowplaying Ballads Of The Cliche – Distant Stars.

When the time has gone wrong

Like such two distant stars

Fell into the right place

But not in the right time

Why it’s all came too fast

I don’t ask for more

Here inside I am waiting

For blossom of our dreams

Please keep remind me

This time is not for us

Cause future is what we have

Now time will guide us

While we keep on walking through the dreams

I’m glad we’ve found each other

My searching has came to an end

Although our story’s still unwritten

I already know how it’ll end




I’m being a total jerk back then. I’m sorry for all the things I messed up. Please don’t resent me. Please forget and forgive all of my mistakes.

Thank you, for everything.


Btw, my journey on Korea Indonesia Friendship Concert would be posted soon on my livejournal and wordpress. Not so interesting I know since I only watch them from the tribune. But I hope you guys’d enjoy reading it. Thanks. :)


Btw, Yoochun has twitter account. This is amazing. Or not. Wondering his mention tab… -_-

Yoocheon, don’t online too much, k? You better go to sleep and take a rest. Just saying hello or bye or good morning or happy eating is all okay. Your healthy is the most important thing! Don’t go online in midnight! Noted that, Park Yoocheon. Thanks. :)


I’m dizzy. Hello Mom, or Dad, or Brother who read my blog. Although I sat in front of computer for the whole day, it doesn’t mean that I forgot to study, I always online, I open porn website, I have a boyfriend, I worship those kpop idol, I download many things (ok, I download video. But it’s not as many as you think, k) etc. And stop asking me to turn off the computer. I do know when to stop. Beside, I need computer to fulfill my need of listening music since I don’t own iPod or mp3 player and my cellphone wasn’t made for listening music with it.

Thank you for concerning this, Mom, Dad, Brotha.

p.s : I hate it when my brother coming to my bedroom yelling “What did you open in the internet?! The internet speed is so slow in my computer! Close your download now!!!” when I actually do NOT use the internet at all and only turn on the computer for the music. Ignorance is bliss.

p.p.s : Winamp and VLC media player are my another soul.


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