Killing time!


So, here’s how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle/Random

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that’s playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

OPENING CREDITS: OST P-Man Indonesia Version

WAKING UP: Epiphany – Bowling For Soup

FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL: Zion – Tohoshinki

FALLING IN LOVE: Disikut – Padhayangan Project (I Feel Good parody)

BREAKING UP: ????? ? part.2 – SG Wannabe (I don’t know the title, it’s the 10th track of The Sentimental Chord album)


LIFE’S OK: Talk Play Love – Anyband (Xiah Junsu band)

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Mirotic (Japanesse + Korean mix) – DBSK

DRIVING: High & Dry – Jamie Cullum

FLASHBACK: OST Hunter X Hunter Indonesia version

GETTING BACK TOGETHER: Stuart and The Ave – Green Day

WEDDING: I Believe I Can Fly – SE7EN


FINAL BATTLE: (I forgot the title, it’s the 13rd track of 20 Something album.) – Jamie Cullum

DEATH SCENE: 사랑하길 정말 잘했어요 (It was Good That We Loved) – SG Wannabe

FUNERAL SONG: Broken Heart Apart – Good Charlotte

SEX SCENE: (again and again and again *sings* I forgot the title, the lyric goes like this “in just seven short days, you’ve changed your lifeee” It’s on 20 Something album if I’m not mistaken) – Jamie Cullum

DANCE SEQUENCE: Amboina Girls – Andre Hehanussa

END CREDITS: NeatFreak 47 – 3OH!3


Wow I can’t believe there were 2 songs of Jamie Cullum that I forgot the title (But I still can sing it well. -_-a)

My playlist plays 2586 songs and I haven’t put all of my music to the exact folder yet I’m too lazy to do that. So those 2000ish songs was not all of the mp3 I had. lol


Btw, how are you guys? haven’t updated for awhile. Well, I have another 48 drafts on the draft folder here in wordpress. I don’t know whether should I post it or not, because I want those crap not being as shitty as this post. Ok. Forget it. I’m actually on my mid-term exam week. Tomorrow since it’s already 3 AM now, so today schedule, are Indonesia Language, Biology and Art & Music. It’s already the fourth day actually. And tomorrow is the last day with CHEMISTRY. I’m praying for getting the best score of mine. Amin. I’m praying for you guys, too of course. ;)


Saturday, 23 October 2010. 6 SHS will held Glopreus Finale. It’s a paskibra contest. And my former school is going to join it. PASPULUH. Paskibra SMA 90. They’ve done many incredible performance (and some of them including me too. kekeke *long nose* *bricked*) And they’ll do their best at Glopreus!! So, please support them! kthanks XDD


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