How’s your day? I think mine is okay. kekeke. Because I just join an I AM forum (Indonesian all-based! Yeay!) and I’m trying my luck to apply the staff application there.. keke Wish me luck, guys! Thanks~ ;D

Anywaaaaay, I want to say something. I know this is tooooo late, since it’s already the third day, but so what? kekeke. This:


Minal aidzin wal faidzin..

Mohon maaf lahir dan batin..

I beg your pardon for all of my fault, whether I did that on purpose or not. Please forgive me and forget all of those my¬†silliness. And please don’t resent me.

Be happy!



Aaaa~ I finally say this.. I always forget to post an update here because I’m too excited. Lets see, my latest draft is toooooo long I definitely think that no one would read it. kekeke. And after read that so-long-draft, I think I should write whatever in my mind and just post it right after my point has been written. But do you know what was my problem?


There are too many things in my head that I want to write. LOL.

Nee~ Since my point is already written there. Yes, my point today is I should write my point in every post to make you (the readers) (esp me) understand what I’ve written here. Kekeke. And yea, poor me, I often misunderstand what’s my point of some of my blog post (I actually forget what things were on my mind when I wrote those post). kekeke. Don’t laugh. I know I’m such a pathetic person. -___-

Aaaa~ Now it’s time to offline! kekeke.

So long, pals! New post soon! kekeke.




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