[EDITED] Just wondering…

Hey guys! I want to make a little poll.. Please join if you want to! ;D

Thanks! :D



Well, I closed the poll since there’s nothing to wait for the result. kekeke.

It’s quite amazing actually.



Copeland – 2AM got 6 votes! (Confession: I voted twice for this)

Linkin Park – Dong Bang Shin Ki got 3 votes!

Panic! At The Disco – Super Junior got 1 votes!

Total votes: 10.



Thank you guys for voting~ XDD I kinda shocked because I think it’s only me who know this poll. kekeke. Once again, thank you~ :)

WOW. Who voted for P!ATD x SUJU?? Is this for real guys? You really want them to feat? hahaha can’t imagine Brendon face if he ever meet Heechul in real life. Could he mistaken Heechul as a girl and fall in love at the first sight? hahaha just kidding :p *bricked by petalz*

Btw, the winner is…..COPELAND & 2AM~ YEAH~

You guys really want to hear Jo Kwon, Seulong, Jinwoon, Changmin and Aaron singing together, huh? Yeah me too since I voted twice.

Ok, let’s give applause for Copeland and 2AM~ XDD *clapclapclap*



Copeland band







One response to “[EDITED] Just wondering…

  1. copeland – 2AM would be EPIC!!!! ;D

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