What can I do?

Ryan RossOne man, I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to.

-The Lake House

This man, George Ryan Ross III, had filled my life for almost 5 years. He don’t even date me or even know I’m exist. But just by knowing he is happy, my life is happier.

What happen to me?

Ry, what so special about you that can make me falling for you?

Your skill on writing lyric?

Your eyes?

Your skill on composing song?

Your smile?

Your skill on playing guitar?

Your voice?

Or maybe it just because you are  a brilliant on making sucha seductive face Ryan Ross?

It might be because you are Ryan Ross.

Just Ryan Ross.


You’ve said many “I don’t know” before..

Now it’s my turn to say “I don’t know”,

I don’t know.

George Ryan Ross III, maybe I don’t know you that much, but I know as long as you can play your music, you are the happiest man on earth. So please just be yourself. Make your music, play it, sing it. Because it’s only your happiness that matter.

Much love,



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