There. You know it. I’m in trouble. Big one. Again.

My parents are kinda mad of me. So did my teachers.

I don’t even dare to see my mom eyes. You know it’s like every time she looks me in the eyes, she is x-ray-ing my body. -___-! And we haven’t talk to each other. What so sad than being ignore by your own mom all day long, huh? Nothing. :(

But anyway, the misunderstanding between me and my mom is already done. I’ve got more spirit to face the truth tomorrow when the school is on. *guts*

Okay, done about the school thing. Topic changed. Roger that.

Btw, yesterday afternoon, when I go online, I got something that boosts my mood up. You know what it is? Yup, it’s about Park Jaebeom! You know Park Jaebeom? Yes, the one who has a sexy-choco-abs-that-every-girl-want-to-lick. I mean the ex-leader of 2PM. Still feel sorry about that, but despite the fact that many people hates him -and loves him at the same time. I actually can’t understand what’s on netizen mind- he is happy now. At least that’s what I see on his youtube account. And don’t you proud of this man? He could survive from those fvcking terribly misery. He is the man! Woohoooooo~ Go Jay Park! ^o^//

*suddenly I remember my sunbae that loves him to the max* #random

Anywaaay, back to the topic. Jonathan Park or @dumbfoundead on twitter, made a song called Clouds and he sing it with Jay Park and Clara C. And although I don’t even know who Jonathan Park and Clara C are, but no doubt, they sound really amazing! You must listen to it! Seriously, this song is just A-WHOOOAAA-SOME!

Check the song on Jon’s blog here. FYI, you can download the track for FREE. YEAY! Don’t you love it? Kekeke. And also, you can check the video here.

And here’s the lyric, I hope you’ll like it like I do. Kekeke. :)

Jonathan Park ft. Jay Park & Clara C.

Roll, roll back the clouds
Let the sun shine through

There’s light at the end of the tunnel
I haven’t seen it
Not all of us become rockstars and ballerinas
Even in California the sun ain’t always beaming
Can’t predict the forecast for all four seasons
We have dark days
Can’t make your car payments
Workin a whackass job living in mom’s basement
Some lands never get rain so there’s starvation
Some only see snow through neighborhoods scarred faces
Not everything is set in stone
The weather changes
It’s like god that the devil’s trying to entertain us
Walked in the treacherous storm and overcame it
It is never an easy path on the road to greatness
So don’t you give me that boo hoo hoo shit
We’re moving on to that new new new shit
Look up into the clouds and watch it blow away
Until my problems just go away

When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they’re just passing by
There’ll be sunshine
If your days are stormy nights
Dry the raindrops from your eyes
There’ll be sunshine

Everybody works hard for their goals to achieve
But like the ocean is sea, man, the motion is free
So nothing ever adds up the way we want it to
I guess my math teacher was just a substitute
Everybody hits a rough patch turbulence in the sky
Life’s a cow I made a burger
And I’m serving it with some fries
Gotta make do with the cards that are dealt
And though it’s hard as hell
I know that God will help
Cause although I live in Seattle
It’s not always gonna rain
There’ll be some sunny days coming up this way
Everybody’s wanting to see me struggling
Running away from pain
But I know the wondrous things are coming to visit again someday
So no worries I just stand here with a smirk on my face
Although I know some people out there throwin dirt on my name
But it’s all good
Still show em some love
Cause unlike that girl from the movie
I ain’t holdin no grudge

When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they’re just passing by
There’ll be sunshine
If your days are stormy nights
Dry the raindrops from your eyes
There’ll be sunshine

I’ve been a little lost
But I’m not colorblind
I’ll follow that yellow brick road
And put my fears behind
And on that yellow road
I’ll find a wishing well
Cast a line and in time I know I’ll prevail

credit: dumbfoundead’s blog

See? The lyric is awesome and I loooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee it so much!! This is one of the best songs ever! I called this as a mood-booster song. Love the Jay part. Love dumbfounded rap style and also the chorus! They’re just WOW. I mean that. An underlined red bold WOW.


Btw, May 8th is coming closer. But I still don’t have enough money to buy Copeland farewell concert at Bandung. I wish my brother or my dad read my blog -this post- and buy me the ticket. Well, I wish. Kekeke.

I think it’s enough for today. Thanks for those who read this blog and love Clouds. They’d happy if they know it. (I bet they do). Btw if I’m not mistaken, people on twitter were trending #clouds on worldwide yesterday. Yeah, they did. Isn’t that cool? :D *standing-applause*

Much love,
p.s.: Now we are trending #happy23jaypark on twitter! Help us to make it number 1~ Wish the best for Jay~ yeaaaah ^o^


4 responses to “Clouds…again.

  1. LOL. the sunbae. XD
    btw, jay park is da bomb!!!
    woohooooo my forever sexy tapi oon husband XDD

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