April 12nd was Brendon Urie‘s birthday!
and I was spamming all over the twitter with #happybirthdayBrendonUrie and #happybdayBrendonUrie~ kekeke
you know, it was the busiest day in my twittlife maybe. Even though I was online on twitter the web, I got limit! wow. it was my first time I caught limit. -.-
aaaand it was the most tweet I’ve ever tweeted and retweeted in a day. and also the most tweet that being retweeted by others. XDD

it’s all because I love Brendon Urie.
and Brendon Urie gives miracle.

LOL. Panic spell. :pp

Anywaaaaay, firstly #happybirthdayBrendonUrie ranked #2 on Atlanta Trending Topic List and then when the night (in Indonesia) came, the Topic become #happybdayBrendonUrie

Ok, how could our birthday wishes for Brendon become Worldwide trending topic list if there are TWO hashtag around. remember the twitter update limit, remember the different time of the world. And even more not all of Brendon’s fans having twitter account and knowing this project. -_-

But, ¬†fortunately, it got ranked #5 on United States Trending Topic List. Here’s the snapshot:

#happybirthdayBrendonUrie on US TT List

oh actually #happybdayBrendonUrie became TT too on Brazil TT List. but I haven’t got the snapshot. sooo, yeah.

The best thing is Brendon knew we all celebrating his birthday. And already watched the birthday video from Brazilian fans (I hope he watched the birthday video from Indonesian too). But yeah, everything went so well, I think. At least everyone (esp Brendon) was happy! :)


And April 15th was my birthday. OMG I even felt so wrong writing this down.

I’m officially 17th years and 6 days old. (yes, old.)

it’s quite old, I think. idk. I just felt it’s wrong. -__-a

now the question is: am I just getting older or actually growing up?

hmmm, let me think.

Okay, I can’t answer this. It’s still a question. Leave it. -___-‘


Anyway, I already deactivated my facebook account. Because I understand that facebook gives me more drawbacks. -_-‘

Maybe if I really need to contact my old friends, I’ll make the new one.


I don’t know what to write anymore…

Actually, this post should be post on my bday but I forget to publish it. kekeke

Much Love,



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