Hari Rabu lalu gue cek darah. Kata bu dokter gue kena tipes ringan.
Tenang tenang resah tuh gue. Sebenernya gue uda tenang aja tuh, yg penting gue ga tipes. cuma ringan. tapi apa daya?

gue panas terus2an mpe 39 mulu. (udah beradaptasi kali ni badan gue) ckck

gue uda kepikiran ajatuh, gimana nasib lomba nih ye?
tapi gue tenang ajatuh, soalnya hari sabtu minggu bisa gue pake buat recovery.

gue udah sembuh.

tapi gue ga dibolehin turun lomba di UMB sama ka ega, dessy dll.

jujur aja, gue sebel!
masa kemaren udah ga ikut lomba di dallas, eh sekarang ga ikut lomba lagi?!
apes banget deh gue.. =.=

Tapi sudahlah, my mom said that if this is the best for me, it is the best.

So, I wish, I always wish, I choose the best way in my life.
You know? I’m writing this post while I’m surfing for my Biology paper. it’s already 3 am, and I’m still wake up. Moreover, tomorrow will be two test wait for me. Biology and Chemistry.
actually, I’m kinda optimist for the Biology test, but from my deepest heart, I obviously don’t have any optimist gut for the chemistry one. Why? I’ll tell you why. One week ago, I was sick (tifus) like I wrote on the past paragraph. and I’m totally lost about the subject. The subject of chemistry that would be test are Laju Reaksi and Kesetimbangan. and I’m totally don’t know what the heck is two thing I just wrote before. =.=
Ok. Now I’m asking myself. why the hell am I prefer to write this blog post than studying chemistry? I don’t know. I actually don’t have any guts to open my book. Possibly it just because I prefer biology than chemistry. *alibi*
ah just letting you know, I’m in danger. Remember, tomorrow will be two test for me and my gut to study is like cocacola zero. zero sugar. the cocacola is the subject and the sugar is my guts. gah.
Oh oh beside that, now I’m also writing post on my wordpress blog. come and see y’all. ;)
It’s enough for today. more update soon. or maybe you could follow me on twitter. ask me. lol.
Much Love,

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