Yea Yea Yea

Today I saw The Moon.
The most fascinating Moon.
Alone in the rainy night.
The Cloud and The Star were in a shadow fight.
Still, The Moon is my first and last sight.

Be honest, I cried.
You should laughing at me.
‘Cause I cried because I saw The most fascinating Moon.
Maybe I lied, maybe I’m not.
You can say it’s about love.

and I don’t know if this is for real, because it feels so unreal.

Yet, he is my Moon.
So me is The Witch.

-Hapsari. 5 Oktober 2009

(Gue tulis di buku diary nih. Iye, ketawa aje. gue udah kok tadi.)


Kawan, ngomongin bulan, bulan ini gue udah ga masuk dua hari. Permulaan yang bagus. Semoga gue masuk terus. Amin.

Anywaaaay, tadi gue nonton DVD TOHOSHINKI 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007: FIVE IN THE BLACK.
DVD konser nya Dong Bang Shin Ki di Jepang tuh.
*fyi, Tohoshinki itu penjepangan dari kata Dong Bang Shin Ki. artinya tetep sama kok. Rising Gods From East*
Dan gue sangat puas nontonnya euyyyy…. LOL :D

Dan trus gue online facebook. Ada temen gue yg abis ngisi kuis. Karna gue penasaran, ya gue ngisi aja tu kuis.
Here’s the result:

The seductive one
As innocent as you may seem, your alter ego is a dirty as mud and always tries to control you. They have an immense control over your hormones and you find yourself often doing things you would never dream of doing. Mind-controlling and lustful, your alter ego goes for whatever you secretly desire and tries to temp you in certain situations. Your alter ego is often of the opposite sex and only comes out when you want something…

Dan gue langsung “Wah! Kok bisa bener sih?”
Iya! online buddies gue di twitter pasti tau kalo otak gue begitcu. :P
Dan beberapa temen gue juga tau kalo otak gue begitcu.
Maklum lah yaw, masih puberrr~ hehehe *alibi*

Sudahlah, ngga baik ngomongin kaya beginian malem-malem.
Daku off deh.
Will update, soon! I hope! :)

Bunch of what?
-JumpingSkeleton (can u guess?)


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