Heso! Happu is here!

This is my very first post in this blog.

Sebenernya yah, daku sudah punya blog di WordPress. Tapi iseng-iseng daku bikin juga di blogger, dan YA AMPYUN! Gampangan ngedit2 widget di blogger daripada di WP. Serius deh! Haha.

Anyway, gue lagi dengerin Disenchanted nya My Chemical Romance. Dalem euy~ XS

Tapi masamasa, lagi dengerin Disenchanted gini gue malah kepikiran My Destiny nya Dong Bang Shin Ki deeeh~ huhu sama-sama dalem noh lagu~

Oia, bagi yg ga tau lagu My Destiny ini ada dua pilihan, kalo daku sih lebih suka yg accapella. Oh well, lebih berasa kalo mereka nyanyi di depan daku sih. hehe. :P

My Destiny versi Bahasa Jepang

My Destiny versi accapella

Well, ini liriknya yang sudah di translate ke bhs Inggris:

My Destiny

Translation by: Yoonie (also credit:

My heart is still struggling to return to that long night

The promise I made that early morning has become a lie and I can’t go back

Our shadows are starting to move back to those days

You know that I’m still waiting for you

Another day Another night

But our future is going nowhere

Now Living without your love

I can still picture your shaking shoulder

For now, my destiny is sad

I want to forget your eyes, your tears, and sighs

Each day I take off the ring I cannot let go, still hiding my feelings

My mind wants to shout, to send one last message

You know that My hearts beating for you

Another way Another lie

I believed in fate innocently

But Living without your love

We had to go back, but I still wanted to hold your hand

My destiny is fading with memories

Together, we can overcome winds, waves, and clouds

If it can happen, give me one more chance

I want spread my wing and fly over time

Another you Another me

Would we have the same feelings if we were born again?

So Living without you near

Meeting you in my dreams is enough, it’s enough for me

Let it take away the pain…

Another day Another night

We’re both walking on our own paths

Now Living without your love

I can still picture your shaking eyelids

For now, my destiny is sad

Nah, gimana? Dalem ga? Bagi gue sih dalem. Gue sangat interest dengan kata-kata ‘Another day, another night’ bahkan gue sampe bikin fanfict yg judulnya itu. Haha berlebihan sekali ya diriku?

Hmmm… Sebagai blogger amatir, kalo cara bercerita daku masih amburadul, ya mohon dimaafkan lah yaw.

Anyway, tadi kan daku sudah bilang, daku bikin fanfict judulnya Another Day, Another Night. Nah, bagi yang mau baca, silakan disini: (tapi baru Chapter 1)


Ya udah deh basa-basinya. daku offline dulu yee~

New post will come! soon! lol :)

Bunch of hibiscus,



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