Am I growing up or just getting older?

Hem yeah, the title.
It’s a really big question for me.
Now I’m 16 years old. My resolution? Nothing’s made up. Nothing’s setted. Nothing’s me. Ha!

Here’s some example…
1. I’ve studing english since I was in kindergarten. But I’m still on ‘this’ level. Minus. -_-
2. After my argumentation with my lovely (silly) brother, I learned that everyone try to get what they can’t have (I wrote it on my first post, remember?). But what did I do? Nothing, even though I want it. (Okay, at least I was. :) season change ppl change)
3. Another example, Almost everytime my friend wanna ‘stole’ thing off from me, I just gave up. (except clothes. I won’t just give up if my friends wanna stole it all.) Ikhlas. I didn’t do anything, or let say, I can’t do anything. Heeem..
4. I ever got B+ on my math test, but, there are a lot more people that could got B+ on their math test, even better. I’m studing hard. But I can’t got A, so it means I failed and I must try another time. And always, it’s making me so Oh La La La so what?
5. I made sins. A lot of sins. Everyone does. So, who cares?
6. After I see through myself, I already realized my fault. I already known what I should do first and what I should do last.
Still, I have no idea how can I answer this question. -_-

Anyway, don’t you realize that the only one who read this blog is me?
And sorry about my messy grammar. I said that my eng is still on ‘this’ level, rite? Lolol.

Happu is overloaded..
Peace out ! ;)
Have a nice day!


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