Life simply?

Hello world, I think today was crap. I don’t know, I just feel it WAS crap. I do nothing in this whole day. Isn’t that crazy or good? lmao
Here’s the details..
My mom went to our shop at 8 (visit us if you hv time, k?), my brother went to school at 6, and my dad went to office at 5. They’re good in time management, rite? But unfortunately, no one wake me up this morning! Urgh! And I forgot to solat shubuh. Bwah! I made sins!
Actually, I woke up at 12 this morning (afternoon let say. Lol)
And I only eat fried rice. What could be ‘better’ than that?
One whole day! I enjoyed the art of do nothing. And obviously, I were getting bored. (who doesn’t?)
And here I am, create this account and write some silly trash.
Well, you don’t have to read this. Even if you read, I bet you dislike this trash, aren’t you? Lol. So what, if I just want to write. I just wanna get some~ everybody try to get what they can’t have, rite? I try to get freedom, and I did success. lol.

Oops, I write too much. It’s enough I think. lol.

Happu, the luckiest loser is signing off..
See ya and peace out! ;)
Byeee~ next post, soon! lol


One response to “Life simply?

  1. anoperaticskeleton

    Menggila dalam post pertama. Hapsari yg aneh…

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